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- use less chunks (set Max.Con. to 1 or 2)
- allow java.exe, javaw.exe and jDownloader in your firewall
- unstable internet connection, contact you ISP
- reboot PC
- un-install/re-install firewall
- un-install/re-install virus scanner
- torrent client using too many connections
- un-install JRE (java) and re-install latest JRE version

max connections and downloads have always been 1 and 1, since i download with non-premium account from megaupload
java.exe and javaw.exe are allowed, unless jdownloader.exe isn't enough, so is jdownloader
i'm using adsl which i assume is stable, is there a way to check?
rebooted many times
windows firewall, which i'm guessing is the problem since when i turn it off i can download just fine
torrent client? if this means bittorrent, i don't have anything else downloading
jre is latest version