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Default Updating a duplicate link in linkcollector/linkgrabber so it appears at bottom

First off, apologies if this question has been answered before. I've been searching and researching it for months now and finally set up a login to ask:

I have a lot of links in my linkgrabber - about 10k. Let's say that I copy a link to linkgrabber on 3/20/20 and let it sit in linkgrabber and keep adding more links after this. Then, forgetting that I previously copied that link back on 3/20/20, I go back to the same website / same link and copy that link again on 10/18/20. Its the same exact copy.

The problem is that when I copy the link on 10/18/20, the linkgrabber/linkcollector does not copy that link again - recognizing the duplicate - and just keeps the first link from 3/20/20 added date. I do remember reading in another post that linkgrabber/collector will not add a duplicate link like the downloads tab can.

So now I have to manually search for that link in my linkgrabber (assuming that i realize it didn't copy), since I definitely forgot when I added it and where it is in my linkgrabber list.

Is there a way that:
1.) when I copy a link that is a duplicate from an earlier added date, that link is now moved to the bottom, keeping the earlier added date of 3/20/20?


2.) the newest copy action on 10/18/20 now updates the link to the latest added date of 10/18/20, overwriting the previous 3/20/20 date?

In other words, how can I be notified that a duplicate link exists in linkgrabber, and when it was added, so I don't have to keep manually searching? I only figure it out when I don't see the link added to linkgrabber. This question refers to adding links to the linkgrabber tab, not the downloads tab. I already recognize that you can add duplicates to the downloads tab.

I tried going to advanced settings and unchecking "Linkcollector:Dupe Manager", but this did not work.

Also - is there a complete list of advanced settings descriptions? Not all settings have descriptions.

Thanks for your help on this. JD is a great tool and I would like to keep using it.

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