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Default TD W8968 & Jdownloader: negative response

Originally Posted by kRel View Post
UP !
TP-LINK Customer Email Support Information
Your Name:
E-mail Address:
Location (ISP):
Italia (xxxxxxx)
Product Category:
Model No:
Problem Category:
Aggiornare il firmware
Operating System:
Windows 7 (32bit)
Hardware Version:
Firmware Version:
0.6.0 0.4 v0005.0 Build 130217 Rel.62075n
Phone No.:
Detailed Description of the Problem:
Hi, before installing the new firmware version, released in February 2013: "TD-W8968_V1_130217" would like to know if this version allows implement the Jdownloader script reconnection, who has never worked with the current firmware version and also with the previous one,


Dear Customer,
the router does not interact with applications.
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