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Default Arcadyan Router 6441 (O2 Homebox / Alice) v 1.01.31 Perl script

Perl 5 comes preinstalled on most systems (linux, mac).
For Windows it can be easily installed from by example.

The script builds heavily on the contributions from bybbl and others.
Save the code to a file named in any directory as you please.

To use it for auto reconnects, configure JD:
  • selected method: external batch reconnect
  • interpreter: perl -e
  • script(1): local @ARGV = qw( <pwd hash> ); do qw( ./ );
  • start directory: <where you placed>
Footnote (1): The input to 'script' must be in one line and <pwd hash> (with the angle brackets) must be replaced with your hash. Instructions for creating your hash are inside the script.

https: //

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