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Default [NOT a JD issue] Alldebrid links DON'T download

Why every alldebrid i try to download with my premium account at alldebrid i CAN'T download from your program but if i try from browser i can normally?

Is there any problem with allderid plugin????

I try restart my router, or another pc.

The problem is the same any alldebrib link DOESN'T start download.

Here is my logfile:
18.06.20 02.12.39 <--> 18.06.20 02.47.07 jdlog://6526025302851/

And i try even without and dns provider or with google dns cause i see this:

But even without or with google dns same issue.

So IT'S NOT cloudflare dns problem but alldebrid plugin issue.

I try easybytez link with my premium account and works just fine.

So there must be something with the alldebrid plugin/addon.

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