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Originally Posted by eMuse View Post
Still not working unfortunately. Here's an example: **External links are only visible to Support Staff**...
Track 10 is sorted as 6, 6 as 7, 7 as 10.
This link (unlike most others) has track numbers in the song titles. I selected it for your convenience, so that you can check immediately that the file names start with inconsistent numbers like "10.07" instead of "10.10". If "Sets: Add position to the beginning of the filename" is disabled at the bottom of the SoundCloud plugin settings, you won't notice that the crawler makes a mistake. That might be why you thought that you can't reproduce the problem. You should enable that setting, and you'll see. Here's a log: 22.09.20 20.23.31 <--> 22.09.20 20.27.01 jdlog://2848225302851/

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