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Originally Posted by Jiaz View Post
I don't see any difference if I have to update the sticky thread and update to latest script version or update thread itself and either update first post or link updated script version in first post.
With the code I described, it will allow to basically self update the sticky while, in the script's thread, showing the script post's links before the first post.
Though the code in the first post won't fit well with the sticky index, and the sticky idex have more advantages as code in the first post don't allow for easily finding/seeing all scripts, better having the index linking directly to the latest post with the code.

Originally Posted by Jiaz View Post
Who codes/maintains that *auto submitting/updating code* ?
Well, at least you need to make it once, then after there is almost nothing do to, if it is simple and light (and it don't need to be complex as it just append a text/link or change (update) the link url, it will be really light in term of maintenance, maybe some occasional check/change if the main forum's code change, when was the last change big enough to make such code require an update anyway ?
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