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Originally Posted by mgpai View Post
Caution: This script will move finished links to a different package.
Than that's it, thank you.
So my Idea of recreate the is obsolet, JD is doing it by himself.
What is keeped: The downloadList will be slowing down...

I think, that can be done by a plugin? It will collect (like the script now does) the finished links and if a new link arrives compare that with already downloaded linkList created by the plugin himself. If possible that will not more slowdown the downloadList by growing.

Is it possible to mark a downloadlink as double in the linkGrabber? As I know, highlithing it (red I think) is not possible, maybe something like a comment that is shown.... complex....

I'll try to figure that out with the new documentation you linked me....

Bye, Christian

P.S.: tried it and worked. Thanks. How can I put all already finished links to that script? Another trigger?
or running the script once over all links (how to do that)? Only a small issue: I can not give the Script a name?

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