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Cool Bypass Keep2Share K2S free-user 50 KB/s cap

I only have a few K2S links queued, and won't need another monthly Keep2Share or premium generator subscription. I am a K2S free-user.

First, since a month or two ago, paused K2S downloads would start over downloading from 0% instead of where left from last, which is still the case today.

Second, since last week, K2S downloads in JDownloader would not exceed 50 KB/s. Previously, I faced the 50 KB/s cap when downloading with FireFox, but not with JDownloader. Now JDownloader will not download K2S files quicker than 50 KB/s, whether on VPN or not, or "Premium account usage" enabled.

[edit] has the same issues as, as well.

[edit] 30 KB/s, not 50.

Are these concerns that JDownloader software engineers can take a look? If not, then I understand.

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