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Default Disparity issue with "domainPattern"

Originally Posted by Jiaz View Post
Pattern for NOT contain uploaded
Yes, the override was preventing the automatic priority flag of the links when adding them to the linkgrabber queue, it works properly when disabled but changes several of my custom preferences so it is easier to either manually set it or placed them at the top of the downloads queue.

I tried and tested both of your suggested rule options; first with one rule and then with two rules, however, since rule one does not work properly, rule two will not work properly either.

The disparity issue is with the "domainPattern", for example:

For both of the following, I set "allowToExceedTheGlobalLimit" : false

1.) When this pattern is used: ^((?!uploaded).)*$ <------- the "maxSimultanDownloads" : 1 is ignored by the global max simultaneous downloads which is set at 2 and it starts downloading two simultaneous files from two different hosters or same hoster.

2.) When this pattern is used: ^((?!*$ <------- the global max simultaneous downloads of 2 is ignored and only one file will download at a time regardless of the hoster which includes uploaded.

Using the two rules option did not work either because of the disparity issue with the "domainPattern".
I also tried several other inverted combinations with the following:

global max simultaneous downloads
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