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Question Setting default download directory can be confusing

Apologies if this has already been answered, but I did do a preliminary forum search and didn't get a match. It has some elements of "Download directory can't be properly set" but not really the same perspective.

I have just added a new SSD and wanted to move the default download path to a directory on that drive, so I went to general settings and (right in your face at the top of the page) updated the default path there.

However new downloads kept going to the old drive. Puzzling! ... Then something drifted back into focus from my old and slowing-down memory, because I had this issue when I changed the default download directory a few years ago.

The not-so-very-obvious solution is also to go to the Packagizer section and (assuming you've activated packagizing, I would guess) ensure that you update the Download Directory setting there too. After that, downloads will go to the new directory.

What I'm suggesting/requesting for consideration is:
Under "General" settings, for "Download Directory" please add an option (such as a check box) to keep this in sync with the Download Directory setting in the packagizer? ... Or at least put a reminder here that you may want/need to also update the directory in the packagizer.
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