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Originally Posted by Dockel View Post
... I cannot get it working with such (an error message appears)...
Do not use old scripts. The new script uses different comments for link and packages, since you wanted to also set sound only for package. Remove old scripts and context menu items and only use the new ones.
  • new comment used for link: #playsoundwhenlinkfinished#
  • new comment for used package: #playsoundwhenpackagefinished#

Format to set custom sound:

var myWavFile = "I:\\Eigene Dateien\\Sounds - Audio\\Klšnge\\CONGRATS.WAV";

How can I both of them at the same time?
Not at the same time. You have to add the same script twice and create menu items in both context menus. Once with 'downloadlist contextmenu button pressed' trigger and once with "linkgrabber contextmenu button pressed' trigger.
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