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Do not use old scripts. The new script uses different comments for link and packages, since you wanted to also set sound only for package. Remove old scripts and context menu items and only use the new ones.
Yes, I understand. Actually that would not be intended, I use the scripts from the link you gave me, here:
And I do not use the old menu items when trying the new scripts.

Sorry, do not know what I am missing. I cannot find any difference between the scripts I use the ones here:

new comment used for link: #playsoundwhenlinkfinished#
new comment for used package: #playsoundwhenpackagefinished#
Yes, they are in the new scripts. I have to add this somewhere? Sorry, where?

Format to set custom sound:
Thank you, for testing I left that unchanged, but no sound anyway.

Not at the same time. You have to add the same script twice and create menu items in both context menus. Once with 'downloadlist contextmenu button pressed' trigger and once with "linkgrabber contextmenu button pressed' trigger.
It is added twice:

Sorry again, I cannot get it to work.
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