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Originally Posted by remi View Post
I would like it to recognise multiple window titles instead of one. Is that possible?
Multiple windows of the same program?
Or multiple windows of different programs?
In the meanwhile, as it is, you can get what you want by copying Captcha Alert in different places (i.e. create for example 4 or 5 subfolders, each with a copy of CaptchaAlert.exe and of its .ini file) and modify each .ini file with the title of the window you want to control.
Originally Posted by remi View Post
Would it be possible to stop the sound as soon as the "Reset" button is pressed?
Let me understand. This is the scenario: the windows pops up, you hear the first alert, you press the reset button, and you want Captcha Alert to be silent immediatly, althought the captcha window isn't yet closed?
Originally Posted by remi View Post
Could you ... make a customer definable value (1...10 seconds) of it as well?
Yes, this is quiet easy to do, but entering a longer interval will cause Captcha Alert to be less reactive.

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