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Released ver. 1.1!
Originally Posted by willemijns View Post
a feedback: "%WINDIR%\media\notify.wav" is better
new: at first start (i.e., without an already existing .ini file) Captcha Alert retrieves windows folder path by Environ("windir") function for better compability
Originally Posted by remi View Post
I would like it to recognise multiple window titles instead of one. Is that possible?
new: added support for multiple windows watchdog at a time (according to the number of titles provided in .ini file)
In the .ini file, multiple titles must be splitted with a "|" separator, for example:
1. : Please enter | : Inserire | : Por favor ingresar | : Bitte eingeben!
Originally Posted by remi View Post
Would it be possible to stop the sound as soon as the "Reset" button is pressed?
new: reset is now immediatly effective, also when the allerted window is still present
Originally Posted by remi View Post
Could you ... make a customer definable value (1...10 seconds) of it as well?
The pause between two sounds is already customer definable, see .ini file
3. 5
where 5 is the number of seconds CaptchaAlert will wait until to play a new sound.
This timer will not affect watch dog frequence (every 800 milisec), to keep Captcha Alert enough reactive.

Other news:
- entrirely rewritten watchdog function, to increase performance
- the position of Captcha Alert window is saved before quitting
- added a checkbox to force Captcha Alert's window to stay always on top in z-order
- added a raw error-handler for reading and writing operations of the .ini file.

I had no time to deep test this version, so some bugs could exist. Reports are of course welcome.

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