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Default To fix the error problem

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If you have Premium Account in Rapidshare and you get Forced SSL or Fatal Error during a download. You have to log onto rapidshare. Goto Settings and change the SSL to OFF.

This setting is not in Jdownloader. It is in the host settings.

Hope this helps
I have used jdownloader for a long time without any problems. with rapidshares recent updates all of a sudden i was getting errors when the links were definitely good and my traffic was definitely there. It would let me download from rapidshare via my browser but not jdownloader. This is what fixed the error for me.

So to avoid the error:

1. make sure you have traffic left
2. make sure the links are alive
3. make sure Direct Downloads is ON
4. make sure SSL is OFF.

ps: this shouldnt need to be said but make sure you have the correct username and password put into jdownloader.