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Old 01.10.2010, 06:04
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I just found out that Rapidshare nolonger provides 99Rapids Package more. It's now 495Rapids for Rapidpro and you will get error "Your Rapidpro was expired" if you ran out of Rapids or your Rapids is not enough for 495Rapids to extend your Rapidpro Package.

That means even Rapidshare say Account Premium won't be expired anymore but your Rapidpro will replace the thing named "Account Premium" to be expired.

So i support Jdownloader Team should make plugin Rapidshare with the displayed Expired Date as Rapidpro's Expired Date in Rapidshare Account. That will be much easy to JDownloader to know which one was expired.

Oh, don't forget the automatical skipping expired account funtion for JDownloader.

Sorry about my bad bad English.