Thread: [User feedback required] Easybytez not working in free
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hmm each time a wait is provided, plugin exception happens.

maybe something todo with timer and been linked to GUI function, and you using headless

Hopefully Jiaz will confirm this..

--ID:98TS:1445629552237-23/10/15 21.45.52 -  [jd.plugins.hoster.EasyBytezCom(waitTime)] -> WaitTime detected: 120 second(s). Elapsed Time: 0 second(s). Remaining Time: 121 second(s)
--ID:98TS:1445629649348-23/10/15 21.47.29 -  [] -> jd.plugins.PluginException
	at jd.plugins.PluginForHost.sleep(
	at jd.plugins.PluginForHost.sleep(
	at jd.plugins.hoster.EasyBytezCom.waitTime(
	at jd.plugins.hoster.EasyBytezCom.doFree(
	at jd.plugins.hoster.EasyBytezCom.handlePremium(
	at jd.plugins.PluginForHost.handle(
I have added exception to logger, as there is try catch on interupt exception and then applies a 'retry' exception instead.

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