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Originally Posted by raztoki View Post
hmm each time a wait is provided, plugin exception happens.

maybe something todo with timer and been linked to GUI function, and you using headless

Hopefully Jiaz will confirm this..

--ID:98TS:1445629552237-23/10/15 21.45.52 -  [jd.plugins.hoster.EasyBytezCom(waitTime)] -> WaitTime detected: 120 second(s). Elapsed Time: 0 second(s). Remaining Time: 121 second(s)
--ID:98TS:1445629649348-23/10/15 21.47.29 -  [] -> jd.plugins.PluginException
	at jd.plugins.PluginForHost.sleep(
	at jd.plugins.PluginForHost.sleep(
	at jd.plugins.hoster.EasyBytezCom.waitTime(
	at jd.plugins.hoster.EasyBytezCom.doFree(
	at jd.plugins.hoster.EasyBytezCom.handlePremium(
	at jd.plugins.PluginForHost.handle(
I have added exception to logger, as there is try catch on interupt exception and then applies a 'retry' exception instead.

I have two event script thah was working very well.
First start queue download every 40 seconds, second see if the speed is lower than 160kb, so reconnect, start, stop start, stop and start again queue.

Is necessary this start and stop start stop because the account can't have a refresh after reconnection, without this.

Three days ago, all worked very well ;(
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