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Two Questions:
Considering this is happening on both of my machines and only with youtube, and that I have the same ffmpeg_10.6+ Folder in both JD's app/tools/mac folders. what will happen if I delete those files and folder and restart JD? will it try to replace with a more current version of ffmpeg on either machine?

I have tried to no avail yet to find the latest build of ffmpeg that was built for later OSes that includes the newer libs and backward compatibly built after Mac changed some of their build parameters in the later OSes starting with OS 10.7.x and still looking :(

I have looked at the all arrows on the right side that are yellow also under the youtube settings and well there are a lot there and if I reset them to defualt how do those settings again get replaced if nothing still works?

Sorry there is a lot to copy and past to a text file if I need to replace settings for youtube later with the way I currently like to have things done.
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