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Latest addition to the weird issue I am noticing of late.

I was on you tube and was reviewing a lot of the older Weird Al Yankovic Videos for fun as one or two was re-pointed out to me in another forum.

When I was letting them play and sometimes fast forwarding through some to get to the next one, Often I would select copy with the command c and often I ended up having to restart JD and re-select the copy from clipboard to have them start copying to JD again. The links would copy for maybe 10 or so then would stop copying again. I would restart JD and redo the copy from clip board to start again copying the links to JD .... This went on for a long time, I think I ended up getting some 40 or 50 links before I decided it was time to quit looking at them also on the web site.
The other issue I saw with JD is as I reported earlier with the links showing up as not online although the were online via the website through the browser.
So I went to JD and selected to try dl them anyway, some started and dled without a problem then JD started not dling them and I get the error messages Again of "Try restarting the link (plugin outdated)"
I close and restart JD and although the links still showed as not online They started dling ok for a while then JD would stop dling with the "Try restarting the link (plugin outdated)" Again.

To cure this unfortunately again I have to restart JD for the ones that stopped with that message to start again.
I usually get about 12 full downloads before I have to repeat the process of restarting JD and restarting the DL's from youtube.

Something is very Weird so to speak with the plugin it seems as well as the possible copy and online status in JD atm. Again is it something to do with the way Google and Youtube are making changes especially considering their also now getting into Youtube TV cwap etc?

The log files for today are:
09.02.20 12.18.27 <--> 09.02.20 08.54.28 jdlog://9915430900751/
OS X !0.6.8 Mac Pro Intel (Workhorse)
OS X 10.10.5 MBP Intel (Secondary)

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