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Originally Posted by tony2long View Post
Your case is strange, I don't know what to say, usually Jiaz handle this kind of report, but he is / was ill.

Try add manually then upload the log, I'll see what's in the log, or move JD to somewhere else (or at least copy /cfg folder) and install fresh JD.
I really don't know what is the cause.Youtube , Dailymotion working.
but all other links are not working.I can add duplicated link if my link are inside the download list.
Every link copy from outside will not work except youtube , daliymotion maybe other but didn't try.

Here is the log ,
09.11.18 18.57.29 <--> 09.11.18 19.02.06 jdlog://7656564433151/

Please pass the message to Jiaz , all the best hope you have a speedy recovery.

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