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Originally Posted by raztoki View Post
full path /JDownloader/src/jd/plugins/*
within eclipse

you can use find within those paths to find plugin class if that is also easier.
search > find > file search > contains text: enter in your keyword, && filename patterns *.java, && working set: define a working set, like plugins, this should speed file search up. keep in mind I believe there are some abstract classes outside of the old plugins path. org.jdownloader.plugins.components
Ah, very helpful, thank you.

Originally Posted by Jiaz View Post
@Coldblackice: can you provide example link, then we can check/tell you if there exists an existing template plugin for it or not.
I checked and there's no plugin for it. If I were to make it and share it however, I'd be worried the site might change its methods and try to obfuscate downloading the files if there were suddenly many people downloading them with JD. Might that be a valid concern or just paranoia?
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