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@Coldblackice: you can send us example links to and we can check/try to help with plugin development.
Originally Posted by Coldblackice View Post
If I were to make it and share it however, I'd be worried the site might change its methods and try to obfuscate downloading the files if there were suddenly many people downloading them with JD. Might that be a valid concern or just paranoia?
Yes and no. Of course the site can change layout/workflow if they want to block tools/scripts. But just by adding a plugin/support in JDownloader doesn't automatically mean a huge increase in usage without the users of the website being informed about the support. You can add support for it and in best case, just continue to use the plugin, or sometimes have to update the plugin to keep up2date with changes or cat/mouse and sooner or later either them or you/the plugin dev will stop playing the game.
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