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I tried creating 3 separate rules for each of the three domains. So each rule only has the one domain in the "downloadurl" "contains" box. Do I need "https//www." here?

I set the "1" chunk. Then went to test a DL while not manually setting the chunk level...problem still....i have it set to "1" chunk in the rule, but when it goes to DL; JD2 uses all chunks (20)

Wondering also....So the only two(2) boxes that need to be checked and filled in are the "downloadurl" & "chunks/connections" <--That it? Or is there other rules that need to be checked before it will work? Do I need to check eg. "Matches any file or link and ignores conditions below" ?

admittedly Im kinda new to the packagizer, and am trying to figure it out lol.

Ive wanted to auto control the "chunks" pre host for awhile...would still like to see a "chunk" setting in the "usage rules" in account manager some day.


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