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hi, i would just like to add one more small comment of appreciation.

i’ve been using JD occasionally for 1,5 year now (i’m not a heavy user), mostly because i find it convenient and faster than via browsers.
i use it to download from arte, and also some webinars etc – i like to watch stuff offline.

whenever i want to download some video, and right-click doesn’t show “download .mp4” or something – then i used to be stuck.
now, i just fire up JD and 9 out of 10 times it just “knows” how to do it.

but it’s now only because of the arte issue and reading about it on the forum that i’ve come to realise i took for granted most of the magic of JD…
of course, that magic is nothing more than passionate work and effort from everyone who programmed this.
i just copy the URL into my clipboard and voilą, easy-peazy. but i realise now that this is only possible because -someone- took the time to analyse arte’s way of working and to programme the necessary to make it work so easily in JD. and someone will also bother to take the time at some point to study this again and update the plugin to keep the magic going. so, thank you when you do.

so, this is just to express my humble appreciation.
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