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Default [Can't reproduce] Tiktok Bot/Crawler Protection

Before this most recent update if tiktok's bot/crawler protection kicked in, we could tell that's what happened because we would get a link created titled something like:

"Wrong Captcha!Bot protection active, cannot crawl any items of user"

But with this most recent update nothing shows up at all. So would it be possible to fix that, just so we know why it's not grabbing a tiktok profile link.

Also another thing, while it's great that the profile crawler for tiktok grabs all the videos on a profile, does this not make more requests to tiktok and thus makes it more likely that their bot/crawler protection activates.

Would it be possible to have the option for the profile grabber to grab the thirty newest vids like it was before if thats all we wanted it to do?

Thanks again for everything you guys do.
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