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SOLVED : IN Windows XP!!!

With the ffmpeg.exe and ffprobe.exe from the radicachic member link, at!LYNm0ARD!U8_xvNRchJkdJdH1uCHmeMc1WCao6mFwJ7KdonsM2Sk (copy and past to Opera, download the zip file from there). Go to the ffmpeg in the C:\Documents and Settings\......\.... instalation of your JD2 , remove the older and past this two .exe, and you are able to download your prefereded video. THATS IT. VERRY SIMPLE!!

I tried , and work just fine.

If u encouter any problems REINSTALL A NEW CLEAN JD2, AND DOIT AGAIN THIS CHANGE OF ffmpeg.exe and ffprobe.exe. ARE SURE WORKED JUST FINE.
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