Thread: [User feedback required] Unable to solve captchas
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I've been having similar issues, esp with filejoker, but to a lesser extent other like K2S, etc.
I do want to add some other observations just in case they might help:
-There seems to be a direct co-relation to the failed captchas and the speed the new pictures load. In those "click all the roads/bueses/etc", when you click on one, if the time it takes to refresh that picture/tile is longer than usual, it's a sign that you will fail the captcha no matter what.
-When you click on the audio captcha option (this was on filejoker), I got the message that my machine was "sending out too many requests"; even though I'm only downloading 1-3 at a time. I'm wondering if it was detecting JD somehow.
-The odd thing is, even when the above was happening in JD, if I went to filejoker and downloaded it "normally", it would work. So I'm concerned it has something with the captcha detecting JD...

Hope this helps, even a bit!
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