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Are there any updates on the issues mentioned here?

Unfortunately I've had to deal with issue 2 and 3 the last couple of months:

I only solve captchas with the addon in Chrome and only for the jDownloader and yet I'm also dealing with the slowly fading images and captcha that just won't validate me. I know, the same problem was mentioned before (click) but since I'm only solving captcha for the jDownloader (no other website I frequent uses captcha and I don't even use Chrome for my normal surfing), I don't know how my score could have gotten this bad, unless there's some mis-communication between the addon and Google's thing.

Looping. I already have to solve 10+ captchas (with images that are fading slowly) before it closes the browser window and because it kept asking for more it took me 10 minutes to finally get a download (SO) to start just now.

I already tried to post on the google forums (twice) but they didn't unlock the thread. Looking at how many posts there are they just have to know about the problems but simply ignore them.

Edit: Sometimes there's also a weird bug:
The browser window is closed and the download starts but jDownloader is still displaying the "solve captcha" popup and clicking on "cancel"/the red cross or stopping the downloads doesn't close it either.

I use Chrome for solving captchas (and only that) and I'm not logged into any account with it (not even Youtube) but I did notice that captcha started to get worse a couple of months ago and it hasn't improved again since then.

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