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Default Help with Arcadyan modem: Simple httoken parse options

I am almost ready to a perfect script for this modem, but just one thing is missing: the httoken. When the script sends the url for the DSL reboot, it needs to send a httoken, but as you may know, that is generated on each session.

I know where the token is (in the html code of a setting page), but I don't know how to parse it. I don't know how jdownloader parses text.

I found this on other thread:

GET /main_status-and-support.stm#sub=restart HTTP/1.1
Host: %%%routerip%%%
I guess this little code can parse the httoken from the html code of the page where the httoken is, but I don't know how to parse the token from my modem.

How can I modify this to work with my httoken?
HTML Code:
This is how the token is shown in the HTML code:

HTML Code:
var _httoken = 55185616;
Can someone help me to extract that number from that simple text using the above code?
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