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Originally Posted by xcapade View Post
i'm facing the same problem. my depositefile account suddenly stopped working with jdownloader.
but if i use the depositefile download manager or download through the browser, my account works.
so the problem really lies with the jdownloader.
I think that is the key. If you login through a web browser to the depositfiles site after JDownloader has a problem recognizing the premium account status, a second login - this time with Captcha - is then required on the website before you can get into your account. I am guessing that JDownloader's Depositfiles code is not able to handle this second login with Captcha.

Logging out and logging back in to the website after you have gone through the 2-step login shows that the second login with Captcha gets temporarily disabled, so you can use JDownloader until something causes that second login feature to kick in. Staying logged in with the web browser seems to allow JDownloader to use Depositfiles as premium for a little while.

Depositfiles might be checking the browser type or something to determine if JDownloader is using their site and eventually kicks up the second login with Captcha after we begin using JDownloader for awhile. Why they would do that for premium accounts is beyond me.

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