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Default Deposit File Premium not Recognised !

Good Call ooofest !!

I just completed the following procedure using the advice given from ooofest, and it works - JD will now re-recognise my Depositfiles account.

1 Log into JD and enable Depositfiles account (if like me it wont recognise it)

2 Open browser and log into Depositfiles

3 If like me, the cookie stored puts you straight into your account.

4 LOG OUT of Depositfiles

5 LOG back IN to Depositfiles. (for this secondary Log you will be required to use their new capture login process)

6 Once logged in, go back to JD and enable DepositFiles premium account and, if like me, it should recognise it !

Now that the manual work around has shown to work, its over to the JD crew to automate this procedure and cure this problem !

Cheers Guys