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Originally Posted by Tyler View Post
rapidgator just stopped n the middle of the night for me while trying to connect to a download

It was sitting trying to connect to the same file for hours. Is there a setting to make it forget about a file after a certain amount of time trying to connect?

i had to restart jd entirely since it wouldn't stop trying to connect to it. Don't have a log on it sorry.
Are you talking about premium or no?

Because that sounds like what I've sometimes seen with RG. After hitting the daily download cap (IDK whether its # of file, or GB, or what), JD2 still keeps trying every hour. Somehow that keeps RG from letting the block time out. I let it go once for over 48 hours of trying the same file every hour. It cleared up after marking all my RG links as "skip" and waiting a couple hours. (search->hoster->rapidgator, select all, right click -> skip downloading.)

I don't remember what combination of RG plugin settings I had enabled right then. I did have a non-premium accountname/password set up, but I don't remember if I had "experimental waittime handling" enabled or not. Changing that setting after JD2 gets stuck on RG's daily limit didn't seem to make a difference.

I think I tried from a browser at some point after the daily limit should have been expired, and got the same "daily limit" thing there, so it's a real cap/block that RG had in place, and I think JD2's constant poking at it was what was preventing it from expiring.

edit: this wasn't a one-time occurrence. I've seen JD2's hourly poking keep a daily limit exceeded block up for over 24hours at least twice. I don't share my IP with anyone that uses rapidgator, and my wifi is secured. (And I *hope* my systems haven't been compromised...)

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