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ich habe auch das Problem mit dem leichten Ruckeln, z.B. bei GZSZ (aktuelle Folgen).
Ffmpeg ist bei mir die aktuelle Version (20181004).

Mit dem Programm VideoReDo TVSuite (alte Version von 2010) und der Funktion "QuickStream Fix" kann man das Video jedoch wieder ruckelfrei bekommen.

Vielleicht hilft ja die Beschreibung aus der VideoReDo-Hilfe bei der Lösung:

This dialog is used to re-multiplex an MPEG2 program stream. It will copy the input file to the output file through the VideoReDo stream processing routines. This means that all the time stamps in the output file, such as PTS and GOP headers, will be re-calculated. In addition, all the processing parameters as specified on the Advanced Stream Dialog will be honored as well. In other words the output file will be MPEG2 compliant file.

The key purpose of QuickStream Fix is to re-align the time stamps in the output file. Sometimes, video captured from DVB Satellite or sourced from DVD VOB or VRO files may have internal time stamps that are not sequential. When you normally open a file in VideoReDo it will search for these non-sequential time stamps and handle them gracefully. Occasionally it is unable to do so effectively and the QuickStream Fix function will prove useful.
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