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Oh, The WebUI has a GUI for the event Scripter so I expected it to be the same GUI as the Java Frontend.....

regarding the question before/after reconnect:

If it is done after a reconnect, mgpai said this script would interrupt running downloads that started right after the reconnect.
But: If it is done before a reconnect, how does JD know it has to reconnect after the update?

I want to avoid solving CAPTCHAs just for JD to notice that is has to reconnect. Even worse it might break the reconnect.
And even worse: Lets say download A causes the need to reconnect. As A is waiting for a reconnect, download B does not start. After update & reboot download B starts and A cannot continue as B is running ....

Btw: what is the "APIPanel Visible" option? Jiaz said on page 11 "it shows/hides the api help panel" - but what/whee is the api help panel ?

thank you.
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