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Default Analysis

Tested on 13350 (Nightly)
On 'Train de vie' - Select 7 links and then Right click, Flashgot, Selected links:
  • Package name is Description of Referrer page (correct)
  • URL property on link is **External links are only visible to Support Staff** INCORRECT - should be the link URI.
  • Comment field on Package is empty.
  • If FlashGot is sending the Description per transfer (Package), then the Description should go into the Package Comments. If FlashGot is sending the Description per URI, then the Description should go into the Link Comments.
  • The same logic holds for the Referrer.
  • If both the Referrer and the Description are to be in the same field, the format must be acceptable to LinkGrabber.
  • For consistency with the rest of the program, Open in Browser should open the URL (so that files can be directly tested in the browser - and for Consistency). Opening the Referrer can be copy and paste.
  • Copy URL must copy the URI if it is available.
  • The contents of the comment field should be unstructured and editable, so using data from that field for specific purposes is ill advised.
  • The location of the URL and Comment are definitely backwards. These files appear to download correctly. How much extra coding is necessary? How much "Bug Surface" does this add?
  • If URL is handled correctly (always Appended and never Replaced), Jiaz comment that the Description goes into that field is not an argument for putting the wrong value in the URL field.

As a related note: Containers are saved in the Container subdirectory. Adding the relative path to the saved Container file to the comment would be a good idea (to allow reloading).
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