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Hello normie100 and thankyou for your reply,

so what your saying is by installing JDownloader it will help me download the file using a 'direct download' method thus getting max speed and avoiding waiting times such as "wait for 60 seconds" to download message, is that right?

what about stuff from premium accounts? for instance i've notice some stuff on that DOESN'T show the 'free download' option, i have no idea why it does that, i'm assuming maybe an option set by the uploader was put on, OR my other theory is a file uploaded by a premium account must be downloaded with another premium account.

The point i'm trying to make is, will this program help me download the files that require you to log in with a premium account?

p.s is the program have an easy interface?, eg. like a youtube video ripper i.e copy and paste the url in a url bar within the JDownloader program and just initiate?

pps people are talking about plugins, so does that mean i need one specifically for a site to use the program?