Thread: [Solved] reddit: plugin outdated?
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Old 21.04.2021, 12:10
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Here's the log -
21.04.21 15.35.11 <--> 21.04.21 15.35.56 jdlog://5390825302851/

Things to note -
1) I crawled an image and a video and renamed them both to some random long name.
2) The "auto" thing is only implemented for videos at the moment. It should preferably be implemented for other file types as well. In the log, you will see that for reddit image, it does not work at all and gives error instead.
3) I don't know if this auto thing is website specific or not, but it should work for all file types from all websites.
4) Even for the video, it does not work properly, it downloads a portion of the video and then gives some error.
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