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Default Compiling JD2 - do plugin updates still work?

I've been thinking about maybe tweaking the code for JD2 or a plugin myself, but didn't want to lose out on auto-updates for plugins and so on. explains how to get JD2 compiled and running, but doesn't say anything about whether plugin updates will still happen on the fly without restarting JD2.

I want to have to do a lot of work to maintain a locally-modified JD2 while merging upstream changes, esp. for plugins.

Or the other way to go about this, if I just wanted to modify a plugin, and load that into my already-running JD2, how would I go about doing that?

Also, have you guys thought about using git (or hg, but I like git) instead of SVN? That would make it easy for people to send you changes for you to review and then commit, instead of just giving full SVN write access to every new contributor. You can try out the git way of doing things without actually changing over right away, using git-svn to do a git-checkout from your SVN server. You can do SVN commits through git that way.
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