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I'm having the same problem.
However after so many trial and error, I found the root of the problem.
In my case it is my ISP that prohibit me to do many downloads.

I'm living in Jakarta, Indonesia. I'm using Sitra Wimax as my ISP. When using modem provided by this ISP, I always have this problem.
But when I switch to use another modem from another ISP, I try 2 other ISP, Telkomel and SMART, the problem dissappear just like that.

So in this case, for you who also lives in Jakarta, Indonesia, try to use another ISP. If the problem is gone, than you have ISP problem. The problem is not on JDownloader side.
If you're also using Sitra Wimax as your ISP, just like me, most probably you will have the same problem. Thanks.