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Originally Posted by RedIndy View Post
JD should address these problems, if they don't than their program isn't worth using any longer.
Just last week I was downloading a 1.4GB file and everything was showing as fine in jD but when I checked my downloads folder, there was nothing in there. jD completed with download and of course, the file was marked as "failed" by jD and it never showed up in downloads folder. I used to think that jD had only issues with final renaming of the files but that doesn't seem to be the case. It's now downloading straight to /dev/null without even writing files! But it shows them as "downloading" in progress bar.

How crap like this can happen is beyond me. I've never come across an app with such broken file operations.

I now use Chrome to download stuff. It's 100% reliable but doesn't have Resume which sucks but hey... at least I'm not wasting my bandwidth downloading files that never even show up on my HD!

Originally Posted by Statter View Post
mikebell, first I am not blaming the OS per say as many others that do run Lion do not seem to have the problem with this issue. There may be issues with Lion still at least it appears that way with other reports I still read even after the latest updates although they did fix a lot of issues there are more that needs to be done as with any new OS (currently Safari is waked now with the 5.1.5 update just done in SL on one machine so it is a conflict somewhere on that machine that is still to be found).

Anyway thats not my point as I was just mentioning it incase there was now an issue with JD and Lion.
There is now an update for Apple Java for OS X Lion "**External links are only visible to Support Staff**

I have all the latest updates. I've also had exact same issues on my Windows 7 box so I doubt this has anything to do with the OS. I move gigabytes of data through my computer (I work in video editing) and have never had issues like this. jD's file operations are a complete junk and should be rewritten from scratch. Downloadign with jD is a complete crapshoot and you can never rely on it. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't... and you have no way of telling just by looking at the app's progress bar.

I'm now downloading through a browser... yes, it's slower but since you still have to deal with reCaptcha crap, it's not that much slower.

At least I'm not wasting my time and bandwidth downloading stuff that's not even written to my hard disk.

Quick search shows this:

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and my thread on this issue... marked as "Solved" 7 months ago:

JD is losing my files after they're downloaded -

and many many more threads like this are really disconcerting and I have no faith left for this soft.

But you can't really blame the makers of this soft... they're not paid to write it and they're good guys. So I can't be mad at them and can't fault them for anything. I'm just not gonna use it again until (or better said "if") this is resolved.

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