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Default Look @ This

Hey guys,
I think it is a JD problem NOT fileserve Problem
I Emiled fileserve last week and the replayed this to me :

~Kindly check to JDownloader regarding this matter or see any settings for the Jdowndloader in adding sites for on their application. Better yet download another download manager like Internet Download Manager for MAC OS

We hope this response has sufficiently answered your questions. If not, please do not send another email. Instead, reply to this email directly~

Now I have the same primum Pob with fs in JD keeps disabling my account,
So as an alternative i used IDM what i found is intersting thing:
1.Copy files from a web page then add them to your IDM to Q in the download section
2.highlight the files from idm the go to task export then export them as txt file wil see links in the txt : **External links are only visible to Support Staff****External links are only visible to Support Staff** file name
4.copy links as they are in the txt then paste them to JD
5.JD will find the files from DH ( for some reason you can download them like normal as your fs acc working fine

JD team should look at this matter coz our accounts work fine with IDm etc