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Default For Jdownloader to support uploading as well :D

Like the title suggests, I want Jdownloader to be able to support uploading as well preferrably on MU and resumable to boot.

MU's Megamanager actually can do this as well as being resumable, but it gives me sh1tty upload speed. About 5-15 kb/s instead of 40-50 kb/s on my browser. Not only that, for some reason it also affects my download speed, and sometimes even halving it.

Unfortunately, using my browser to upload has its problems as well, it does not try to reconnect to MU, once a problem happens. So you have to start again at the beginning, which is a pain.

I hope you guys can implement this, it will greatly help MU users like me that also avidly use JD.

Thanks in advance guys! :D