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hi, I do have a little update.

Please DO NOT MOCK ME ABOUT WORKING AS ROOT! I do know what I am doing here, and this is just fine. Point.

It seems that this is a networking error with some of your servers.
I just got another copy, and decided to let it be running for some minutes.
After about 5 Minutes the Socket in question received a timeout. After that, INIT continued. See this log:

10 20.01.11 20:20:24 - FINER [jd.JDClassLoader(<init>)] -> Look and Feel JAR loaded: /root/JDownloader/libs/laf/synthetica.jar
10 20.01.11 20:23:33 - SEVERE [jd.controlling.JDLogger(exception)] -> SEVERE Exception occurred
java.lang.RuntimeException: Unexpected IOException while starting JUnique/Server for id "jd.Main"
        at it.sauronsoftware.junique.Server.start(
        at it.sauronsoftware.junique.JUnique.acquireLock(
        at jd.Main.main(Unknown Source)
Caused by: Cannot assign requested address
        at Method)
        at it.sauronsoftware.junique.Server.start(
        ... 2 more
10 20.01.11 20:23:33 - SEVERE [jd.Main(main)] -> Instance Handling not possible!
10 20.01.11 20:23:33 - FINER [jd.config.DatabaseConnector(<init>)] -> Loading database
10 20.01.11 20:23:34 - INFO [jd.Main(main)] -> init Splash
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