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I was downloading my files using multidown premium account in Jdownloader2 by adding account in multidown plugin.

But suddenly jdownloader went for an update and it crashed. I took the screenshsot of the error, i can provide it to you if needed.

Then i have to uninstall Jdownloader and install it once again from your site.

And after the full installation and full update completion, when i wanted to add my multidown premium account in setting tab, i was unable to find the plugin for multidown.

Now Jdownloader is ruuning fine but i cannnot add my multidown premium account.

Kindly let me know how can i download using my multidown account once again without your plugin.

Linkgrabber is grabbing files but is showing all the files as offline.

whereas the files are online in the site.

Please look

Thanks a bunch multidown premium plugin is now showing and i have added my premium account also files are showing online. SOlved for me...

Thanks again. You guys rock...

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