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Originally Posted by Maelcum View Post
Hi Raztoki,

I get it, all I'm saying is exposing the underlying complexity to users might not be such a good idea, IMHO.
guess classic example why they are in advanced settings;
Warning dialog to boot,
not for the faint hearted/you shouldn't change setting unless you know what you're doing.

In respects to Advanced settings in general, Im sure Appwork could come up with a more user friendly GUI, at a guess they haven't due to lack of use from users vs there availability of time. I do know they didnt want too many settings options within there own panes due to clutter. Keep the most used functions to respective panes, everything else is available by advanced settings.

Originally Posted by Maelcum View Post
If I want to set domainRules for a given hoster I'd just probably copy an existing link, and it should be the backend's responsibility to turn it into properly encoded format, not mine.
under this example you would still need to know regex ;>
Guess Encoding type is simple as thats what the backend is stored in so its as easy as reading a file and outputting. Maybe solution is some checks on when its not formatted correctly and try and fix it (if it's easy as escape fixing), i know they do check and it wont be saved and or you get prompted.

Originally Posted by Maelcum View Post
I wouldn't even consider the settings in question being pro/power features, and I think they probably should be in the Settings > Plugin section, since they're per host settings and they can even depend on whether the account is free or premium.
in respects to having them within plugin settings, in jd2 redesign all plugins don't display within this function due to requirement to read all the classes on loading application. this speeds up the loading of the program significantly. its the main reason jd2 can start within few seconds vs many tens of seconds with 0.9 and earlier.

JD2 does over come some of this already with plugin cache, so we can speed things up if everything is based on this 'names' entry. domain rules does work outside of plugin 'names' for directhttp for instance, so probably would need another function to support domains outside of plugin 'names' also.

I always thought (when coalado placed it in current location) that account usage rules should have been better placed in its own section away from the accounts, and had its own pane as 'download bias' or 'download settings', in which you could easily assign download orders (current account usage rules), along with connection settings (chunks/max sim dl for that host) that way to the candidate type (free non account, free account, premium account, and the latter two would be to the account name). This would cover everything associated download candidate in a single location

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