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Hi Raztoki,

guess classic example why they are in advanced settings;
"Advenced settings" shouldn't mean you need to dust off your rocket science degree, they're just giving the users a fine grained control over the tool's behavior.

under this example you would still need to know regex ;>
No, the tool requires the users to be familiar with regex, instead of hiding the complexity. It's a dev's choice and not some universal requirement.

in respects to having them within plugin settings, in jd2 redesign all plugins don't display within this function due to requirement to read all the classes on loading application. this speeds up the loading of the program significantly. its the main reason jd2 can start within few seconds vs many tens of seconds with 0.9 and earlier.
Exposing the aforementioned settings in the GUI shouldn't affect the plugin loading process at all.
Ideally these settings shouldn't be needed until downloading's about to start.

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