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Question Soundcloud account long wait times ...

JDownloader started throwing me long wait times for soundcloud downloads that I've never seen in the past. I just started seeing half hour wait times PER TRACK.

The status message read force disabling for 30 minutes in the same way it force disables for a set time period to prevent IP banning from certain filehosts. If I try to reset to force download, it adds on another 30 minutes to existing 30 minutes to make me wait ONE HOUR for download. That's insane!

I don't have the issue when using my browser API to download from soundcloud. Only in jdownloader. Any ideas? Please advise.

Edit: (solved) I am able to freely download again by switching off jdownloader logging into my soundcloud account first and instead just using free download. But it remains weird I'm forced into such long wait periods when trying to download after logging in.

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