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Default Archive Extraction window - Cannot resize columns

As the "Archive Extraction" of a downloaded package takes place,
if you click the "Archive Extraction" icon in JD's status bar, a small window appears with 3 columns:
'Archive's Name', 'Status' and 'Progress':

I want to resize these columns so that the 1st is narrow(=half its title length), and the 2nd is like twice the first column width.
I've tried so many times while toggling the "Lock All Columns" on and off, but it doesn't make any difference.

The only thing I managed was to narrow (or expand) only the 1st column:
I had to enable(yes, enable!) "Column width locked" for the 1st column (in the column context menu),
and then, I had to narrow/resize the 1st column repeat multiple times, because it only allowed me to move the column only a few pixels each time, and it only allowed until a point.

There is no "Column width locked" for the rest two columns,
and I can't move them at all.

For reference, in the main Download window, I can resize all columns without any problem.

OS: Windows 10 pro 2004 20H2 x64
Java: 1.8.0_162(32bit)
JDownloader2 Core: 43459

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